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The whole world has experienced a drama of the COVID19 crisis. Many businesses are affected as well as many families are suffering. Art and Culture plays a great role in human society, the artists are bringing joy in our life. Remember how you are happy when you are listening to the talented singer, beautiful orchestra music, watching an amazing dancer, or unique drama actors as well as an outstanding masterpiece of the painters. However, artists are probably one of the most suffering parts of society.

You have an amazing possibility to discover new professional artists using our platform and who knows, they might become your favorite! So, just watch the videos, like it, and do not forget to support as many artists as you can by leaving a comment! 

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 Art is a part of me or maybe not even part - it is just me.

I look at the world through art. And it always was and always will be that way.

                                -Misha Lenn

    Misha Lenn 

Russian Watercolor artist


Misha Lenn


Outstanding Watercolor Artist 

Type of Arts: Watercolor Painter, Musician.

Country: Moscow,Russia- Boston,USA

Education: Masters's degree from  Academy of Art and Design in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Achievements:  The “Best Watercolor Artist” by ARTV Fine Awards in North America, Two awards: one personally from Marina Picasso, and the other one –public choice award at ''Artistes du Monde” in Cannes, Universal Studios used his watrecolor for the set in the trilogy "50 Shades of Grey" (2016)

Artworks: Tango Dancers was presented in Louvre in 2011, Official artist of Viennese Ball in London, Biarritz and Moscow, Kentucky Derby/USA and National Equestrian Games St. Petersburg/Russia, Solo exhibitions in public and private museums worldwide, silk scarfs for Louis Vuitton/Moscow.

 Customers: DKNY, Harvard University, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Rive Gauche, Boston Ballet, Time Magazine, Westminster Kennel Club, Godiva Chocolatier, Sony, Calvin Klein,  St. Petersburg Philarmonia

Interview with Misha Lenn 

made by #SupportTheArts

Misha Lenn & Borislav Strulev 

ArtCelloLab Project 

 Why do you like Arts?

I do not like it - I am a part of it. Art is a part of me or maybe not even part - it is just me.

I look at the world through art. And it always was and always will be that way.


What type of Art do you like?

Most of all I prefer watercolor and graphics.

It is exactly the reason, why I choose this media to express myself.

Usually, people achieve much more, if they do, what they love doing.

Definitely it is my case :)


How do you motivate yourself during the pandemic?

If you love what you do; if you constantly looking for new ideas to express yourself; if you have a positive attitude –

you'll never get any depression. Maybe some sadness or lost direction, where you're going, but no depression.

In this case you need to stop for a moment, inhale and keep going...

The Collaboration has been created during the pandemic by an outstanding cellist Borislav Strulev & unique watercolor artist Misha Lenn. It is an incredible fusion of genius music and a unique technique of artistic creation. A unique video of two famous artists worldwide is presented for you on our platform! Borislav is Plays the drawing while Misha draws music in his masterpiece which name is  Chopiniana.

It was created as a part of the project ArtCelloLab that is our partner. For getting more information about the ArtCelloLab click here:


Borislav Strulev 

Russian-American World Renowned Cellist

Type of Arts: Musician with unbridled energy, Cellist

Country: Moscow, Russia- New York, USA

Awards:  Nominee of the award -"Person of the Year in Russian-speaking America"  (2014)  in New York, Public Ambassador of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, 2017 in Sochi, Russian National Music Award “Victoria”  2017 and 2018 as an instrumentalist of the year in classical music, the champion of Russia (Russian Ginness) having played a concert in the «KMAruda» mine shaft for miners at a depth of 340 meters.

Artworks:  Recording of the soundtracks for the film "Turbulence" (Lu Turbulence des fluides) by Luc Besson, Debut in Carnegie Hall - played with the legendary pianist Byron Jens. (1999), a guest artist in memory of the great Rostropovich in Washington at the John F. Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts.

Projects: Founder of ArtCelloLab, Music Director of the International Music Festival “BelgorodMusicFest” - “Borislav Strulev and Friends”, 

Collaboration with artists such as: 

Byron Janis, Denis Matsuev, Ilya Itin, Julian Rachlin, Janine Jansen, Rohan de Silva, Clark Terry, Bobby McFerrin, Michel Legrand, , Paquito D'Rivera, Roby Lakatos, Janoska Ensemble, Orosz Zoltán, Christian McBride, Lewis Nash, Jonathan Moffett,  Mia Farrow,  Kathleen Battle, Eliane Elias, Denyce Greaves, Sean Lennon, Dave Grusin, etc.

Interview with Borislav Strulev 

made by #SupportTheArts 

Special edition: New Year's Show (200 M of viewers)

Live for CCTV in Beijing, China.

Last performance before the pandemic.

Why do you like Arts?

The Art is very unique atmospheric word - even I am a musician/cellist I cannot think one day living without Art and each time I play my cello I bring Art to every note and now I made a special combination between music and art - I married my electric cello Yamaha and Art - now I found a special art form that all painters can exhibit their art on my cello! 

What type of arts do you like if we do not count yours?

I love all kinds of art! 
All periods! 
Musicians who create music from a different era - have to feel and know and love ART - otherwise, the music will not fit in and we will not be able to make new steps in creating modern Art

•How do you motivate yourself during the pandemic?

During Covid-19 and home isolation, I found myself taking time to work with my cello repertoire and make special Zoom projects where I take special interviews from my friends around the world and also I try to create some video projects where I combine my solo playing and Artists who create art while I play - for example, we made with my friend - amazing aquarelle master Misha Lenn from Boston special “ART meets Chopin” project! 
I make homemade videos of music that I love - it can be Bach or Opera aria - now time to express yourself and never look down! See you soon on stage!


inspire and be inspired!

What is it?

 ArtCelloLab is an Art competition for both professional & amateur painters, where they have to paint design for the Yamaha Cello of Borislav Strulev. The winner of the competition will be able to see their design on the cello further on.

 Are you an artist &creator?

What are you waiting for?


Veronika Vlasova

 Alessio Potenziani

Incredibly Sensual Couple 

Amateur  Vice-World Champions

The couple has been dancing  together since 2003


Country: Russia- Italy

Type of Arts: Ballroom Dancing 

Amateur:  Vice-World Champions

Awards:  Multiple Russian Vice-Champions

Vice-World champions in classic showdance 

Finalists in European Championships

Semifinalists in Blackpool,UK,International,World

Champions of Star Ball in England

Winners of Tokyo International and Osaka International in Japan

Finalists and medalists in Asian Open,Dutch Open,Pacific Open,London ball,Freedom to dance,Imperial,Universal and many other International championships.

Activity:  Dancing Teachers: Alessio & Veronika conduct group workshops aimed at developing the quality and expression of dance. If you would like to get the lessons with this outstanding couple just contact them directly: +79267177375    / 

Interview with Alessio & Veronika 

made by #SupportTheArts 

Why do you love the Arts?

Art is freedom of expression of who we are,a constant self-discovery and self-creation.Art makes us feel, breathe and see in different dimensions. By sharing art,we share love, by sharing art, our soul grows. Art is life. 


What type of Arts do you like if we do not count yours?

 Apart or dancing, our favorite art is music, theatre, cooking,haute couture, words, and love of course. 

How do you motivate during the pandemic?

During quarantene having the time and being able to spend time with family and together already gives us so much energy and peace, that fed our souls to be inspired,to see things in a different way,to appreciate every moment. We don’t always need a  motivation to go on,but also sometimes a pause, reflection, time to feel... For us quarantine been a great experience and motivation to create again, buy in a different dimension. And to practice some little details that usually there is no enough time to master. We have been creating a new show that now we will start to develop in the studio and can’t wait to share it on the dance floor with everyone. This dance means a lot to us and has an important message to share...

Another aspect, because of quarantine we had no chance to see our students, so we were taking care of them online, which gave us the motivation to look deeper in a way of sharing the education of art, in order for students to find their individuality, that also has been a great experience and we continue to develops our teaching skills. We believe in every situation there is a reason why, and we must take the best out of it ️

Фото сердце.jpg

Type of Arts: Musician, Conductor 

Country: Moscow, Russia 

Education:  Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

Projects: Founder and Music Director &  Principal Conductor of Women's Symphony orchestra (=Professionalism + Beauty).

Awards: Laureate of International competitions,
Cavalier of Silver Cross of Hungary for outstanding international conducting activity,

Engagements with : Bogota Symphony (Colombia,
South America); Prime Symphony (South Korea); Bombay Chamber orchestra (India), Symphony orchestra of Sri-Lanka, etc.

Ksenia Zharko

Unique Women's Symphony orchestra 

Interview with Ksenia Zharko 

made by #SupportTheArts

-Why do you love the Arts?
Music is my life! I am a Romantic person and I can’t live without permanent falling in love with new feelings and emotions. Art, especially music, is a concentration of these emotions! That’s why I love Art. I try to find Art and Romanticism in everything I do, even while cleaning the house!

-What type of Arts do you like the most?
I like to create beautiful, bright musical projects. I enjoy cooperating with talented people of different sides of life: cinema directors, actors, ballerinas, businessmen, genius doctors, mathematicians, etc. People of business usually are very gifted. They know a lot about literature, poetry, theatre and sometimes even play different musical instruments! We make mutual projects and exchange energy. And, of course, I have an orchestra of a dream - Women Symphony Orchestra! It is the happiness!

-How do you motivate yourself during quarantine? 
My husband Maxim Puryzhinskiy is a very talented and demanded pianist. This situation without concerts is very unusual for us. Sometimes we feel stress. But we try to find little holidays in simple things: to cook tasty food, to watch Romantic films, to play badminton. I motivate Maxim, and he motivates me. Our children motivate us, too. More than that, the Women's symphony is a unique orchestra with fantastic musicians! My mission is to save it, to create a lot of interesting work for them. We have a lot of remarkable concerts in the season 2020-2021. Now I prepare them. More than that, I’m thinking about concerts in the years 2022-2025. So, my musicians motivate me NEVER STOP!


Laura Lutgen 

Modern Ballet Dancer 

Type of Arts: Dancing 

Country: Luxembourg

Education: Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg, Starting Science Studies in Germany.

Awards: Prix CND National Competition (2019) 

Projects: Starting YouTube Channel, Future Objective is Entering a Dance School in Germany 

made by #SupporttehArts

Inerview with Laura Lutgen 

-Why do you like Arts?

Arts are at the same time a very individual and a universal as well as the timeless language of our soul.

Arts can be part of our personality and at the same time help to find ourselves and discover new aspects of life.  Arts evaluate. Some Arts develop over time. You might change your style or add a personal touch here and there that makes your Art unique. Not understanding Art is a way of understanding yourself. Finding out which Artist you can relate to and what kind of Art you might not like at all. Arts bring people and cultures together. Arts can also define your culture.


-What kind of Art do I like most?


I like Dance, Dance Theatre and Painting most.


-Motivation during Quarantine?


The dance itself motivates me during the quarantine. I don't need any extra motivation. 

If I feel like my body wants to move to music, I will just start dancing and moving. It might happen when making purchases when I cook or brush my teeth in front of a mirror. For me, dance is a way of life.


Leonid Bahtalin 

Baritone with a velvet voice 

Type of Arts: Opera Singing

Country: Russia

Education: Gnesin Music School, Russian University of Theatre Arts (GITIS/ Supervisor Dmitry Bertman), Graduated from the vocal class of Professor Maestro Zurab Sotkilava of the P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, Internship in Opera Center of Galina Vishnevskaya (supervisors: Galina Vishnevskaya Ms. Makvala Kasrashvili, Mr. Badri Maisuradze).

Awards: Grand Prix winner of ''27th World Music Competition'', Gerard Vasiliev Fellowship award (2008), competition “Romansiada” (2011). 

Occupation: Soloist of the Moscow State Musical Theatre.

Interview with Leonid Bahtalin 

made by #SupportTehArts 

-Why do you love the Arts?

I love the Arts just because it is a part of my life and even the person who has never been doing the Arts has initial gravity for something beautiful. Any kind of Arts is an integral part of human existence. 

-What type of Arts do you like if we do not count yours?

If I would answer this question easily, it is Visual Arts & Ballet.

-How do you motivate yourself during the pandemic?

When we are placed in the conditions where we can not work and earn some money, we have more time for thinking. I am using this moment for trying in something new and develop some new skills, for instance, writing music, etc. Well, from my point of view we have to motivate ourselves when we have to do routine work but when you are creating Arts, if you have the necessity to do it, you just do it and only your want can motivate!



The couple has been dancing together since 2007.

Type of Arts: Ballroom Dancing (Latina )

Country: USA 

Awards: 11 times US Professional Latin Champions, World Professional Latin Champions(2008-2019), Blackpool dance Festival Champions (England, China), UK Championship Champions (2016-2019), WDC Fred Astaire Cup Competition (Disneyland, Paris-2008-2011,2013-2018), Dutch Open Champions (Assen Netherlands/ 2008-2018), Asian Open Champions(Tokyo, Japan/2010-2018), Asian Open Champions (Korea and China/2013,2016), Blackpool Dance Champions (China/2016-2017), U.s Open Champions (2008-2014).

Projects & Activity: Founders of the app Koros (Making the World Dance Studio), Teachers.

Yulia Zagoruichenko 

    Ricardo Cocchi 

Ten-Time World Latin Dance Champions 

The Best Latin Dancers in the World 

      Interview with Yulia Zagoruchenko & Riccardo Cocchi 

made by #SupportTheArts 

-Why do you like Arts?

We like the Arts because it is very subjective. It creates a feeling, passion, it drives you to another level of humanity. When you see something, you like it or you do not. We believe that the most important thing is to feel because when you look at it and you ignore it then you are not a human. We like the Arts because it helps us to feel and be inspired.

-What type of Arts do you like if not considering dancing?

We love painting, drawing, music. We wish we could draw but we can not. We love to see the people how they draw when they can from the simple white canvas create the expression of life and the idea that the dreams come true. Music is close to us because we dance and we love it so much.


-How do you motivate yourself during the quarantine?

The motivation for us is the app Koros that we have created. So, w are inspiring people and we would like the world to be a better place and the dancing is the better place no matter what. Dancing has always been a place when you can place yourself outside the world. It is a dream-what you wish-sometimes it is a nightmare because you have to overcome a lot to achieve it. But dancing should be something that you like! Also, we motivate ourselves through teaching when we have feedback from people as well as we are watching the media as everybody is doing, watching movies. We believe that this is a great time to think more about the next step in life, to focus more on where is your attention because in a structure of everyday life when you are doing a lot of things, you can easily lose your focus. with this kind of quarantine when everybody is under the lockdown it is the best time for reorganising  ideas and think what is the next future.

Your Perfect Dance Partner.


Aydar Gaynulin 

World renowned button accordion player

Type of Arts: Musician, Accordion Player, Composer, Singer 
Country: Russia
Education: Alfred Schnittke Moscow Music College, Gnessin Russian Music Academy, Hanns Eisler School of Music Berlin
Awards: Winner of National Cinematographic Nika Award and
National Prize of Film Press and Critics “White Elephant” for composing music for “Euphoria” film by Ivan Vyrypaev, Winner of 18
international accordion and button accordion players competitions including the World Accordion Cup in London in 2001, President’s Golden Book of Talents of Russia for the outstanding art of playing button accordion, Honorable Member Order from Kaunas Conservatory (Lithuania/2003), “New Names” award of Russian
Culture Foundation and International Association of Peace Foundations (1994), “Best Film Music” prize of the XX Open All-Russia Kinotavr Film Festival (Sochi, 2009) for the film “Oxygen” by Ivan Vyrypaev.
Projects & Activity: Annual Participant of Crescendo music festival.

Interview with Aydar Gainulin 

made by #SupportTheArts 

-Why do you like Arts?

Art - for me, this is a way to share my ability (knowledge), to make this world a little kinder and better. Music is an international language where words are not needed, which unites and brings people together of different nationalities and religions.

-What types of Arts do you love if not considering music?

In addition to music, I like to play sports, play tennis, ride a bike, be in nature.

-How do you motivate yourself during the quarantine?

During the quarantine, of course, it was not easy, since all concert performances were canceled, but on the other hand, I am glad that I could spend all this time with my family, seeing how our children were growing before our eyes. In addition, I learned to do a lot of housework, of course, my wife was very happy about this, because I became not only a musician but also a real master of the house! :)


RemJ Experience

(Rem Xander Garza) 

Michael Jackson Tribute 

Multi-Talented Artist

Type of Arts: Singing,Dancing,  Theatrical & Film Performer.


Country: Long Beach, CA, USA 

Awards: Winner of the Big Talent Showcase( dancing nomination/ Las Vegas), 

Projects & Activity: worked as Michael Jackson on Reelz TV, participated in Musicals such as ''Guys and Dolls''((Long Beach Playhouse), ''Hairspray'' (CSU Domenique's Hills Theatre Arts), founder of the RemJ Experience.

Stages: Soka University Performing Arts Center, The Historic Avalon Theater, Hollywood's Whiskey a Go Go.

Interview with RemJ 

made by #SupportTheArts 

-Why do you like Arts?

The Escapism of it, with whatever art it might be. Dancing, acting, etc; they all share a very universal connection with one another. 

-What types of arts do you like if not considering yours?

Acting, I love crawling into another Character's life and embodying their personal journey and the effect it has on others. 

-How do you motivate youself during the quarantine?

I motivate by learning new things, like for example Piano or Video Editing, and adding those into my artistic repertoire. Watching new things I've never watched before, staying creative all the time.


Olga Popova 

Classical & Jazz Pianist

Type of Arts: Musician, Classical& Jazz Pianist, Film-Composer 

Country: Moscow, Russia- Boston, USA 

Education: Central Music School of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory (Moscow, Russia), Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA).


Awards:  Recipient of the annual award given in recognition of dedication to music and outstanding performance, Carnegie Hall (New York, USA./2017), 1st place winner (piano), international competition Golden Classical Music Awards (New York, USA/2016),  1st place winner (chamber ensemble), international competition The Muse (Santorini, Greece/2014), 1st place winner (piano), international competition Mozart Wunderkind Competition(Vienna, Austria/ 2011).

Projects & Activity: Russian-Swiss project “Children's National Diplomacy” (cultural cooperation program at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Switzerland at the UN/ 2013, 2014), Gala concert in Richmond Hall, (Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic/2015), performed at the Russian Ball in Hofburg as a face of the “Hope” charity foundation, founder  of the “Excelsior orchestra” orchestra, participated as a composer in the  movie “Not my Suitcase”. 

Stages: Berklee College of Music, Boston Conservatory, Harvard University etc.

Interview with Olga Popova 

made by #SupportTheArts


-Why do you like Arts?

To be honest, it seems to me that art is an atmosphere in which you’re choosing the shape and the color of it, based on your character. You decide to create something new, transform the endless fantasy into reality, realizing that it can be very difficult.  Art is a responsibility to yourself, to your audience - because only by the process of creating, you’re “composing” something that will remain and will be passed on from one generation to another generation - and those compositions are the knowledge, experience, new, incredible discoveries as well as restoration and reincarnation of what has already been created.  Maybe music is choosing to live inside your lifetime before you even think about it as your profession, hobby...because it never leaves you, and you feel it constantly inside, it flows, shimmers, sounds with unexpected colors and the colors are existing in any Art, so each type of activity associated with it is leading to perfect harmony with a person from the very beginning - and here the target of any artist is to catch this feeling and illuminate, visualize it for others.

-How do you motivate yourself during the quarantine?

It seems to me that any change in life, whether related to internal experiences or external problems that you cannot prevent due to circumstances, can turn your mind around, give an impetus to changes in creativity, opening new doors, prospects.  Now is a difficult time for everyone.  Personally, almost everyone person I know has some friends who were sick, experiencing COVID-19 and the knowledge of the virus happening everywhere leads you to a stupor both in your life, in creativity... This is a moment of a fright that must be overpowered by logical actions.  It is necessary to protect loved ones, observe safety measures.  At the end, being at home for a long time is not too bad, it can always be carried out with a benefit.  Now we are experiencing that rarest moment in the history of mankind when circumstances command us to stop and think: to realize, comprehend everything about our lives and our future. This is a “comma” in world history, and at the same time it IS a sign for us - people of art to ask a question: “Maybe we are circling around too much?” “Maybe it is time to change something?” - Well, we don’t know many things for sure, but probably I can say that this is a time of awareness, this is our “stop” sign and a new beginning for all of us?.


Victor Da Silva 

Exhibition Dancer 

Type of Arts: Dancing, Musician, Fashion Modeling.

Country: Portugal-South Africa 

Awards: British Open Champion (Blackpool/2002 - 2007,

Millennium Dance Exhibition Champion (2001), USCSC DanceSport Championships (2002), Holland Hassen World Dance Exhibition Champion (2001, 2005, 2006 & 2007 ), South African Dance Championship (2001 undefeated), Heritage Exhibition (North Carolina/2002 undefeated) Champion, World champions and British Open Champion (2004 – 2007 undefeated),  Excellence in Sport and Art” award from the Portuguese Government Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Dance Art” from Russian Dance Federations’. 


Projects & Activity:  World Dance  Council Qualified Adjudicator & Dance Teacher,  Chairmen of RDU Exhibition committee, performed in the musicals such as  Phantom of The Opera SA (1998), Sizzle South Africa (2004 ) , One Night Only (Vail Colorado/2006), Some like it hot (Vail Colorado/2007).

Interview with Victor Da Silva

made by #SupportTheArts

-Why do you like  Arts?

I love art because it’s freedom of the mind, body, and soul. In art, I found my way of living and happiness


-What types of art do you like If not considering dancing?

Dance, music - guitar playing 

-How do you motivate yourself during quarantine?

 Staying fit by exercising 2 times a day and practicing my guitar playing , reading and watching certain films



Soulful Singer 

Country: Denmark, Russia 

Type of Arts: Singer-Songwriter

Education: Royal Danish Academy of Music, Master’s degree, classical guitar.

Awards: Finalist of the Rising Star Show (“ARTIST”) on a major TV channel.


Projects & Activities: Solo live performances (voice with acoustic guitar), Performances with a live band, Studio recording.

Interview with Milasa 

made by #SupportTheArts

-Why do you like arts?

Once I came across one wisdom: “You may or may not believe in God, but the only way to know God is to experience him.”  Art awakens the soul, elevates, connects with divine; and gives the opportunity to discover the unexperienced, unites people in cognition process into a collective soul. Art lets us to discover the mystery of ourselves. Art makes us purer, more responsive and thoughtful, to love deeper, think deeper, to search, and create. 



What type of arts do you love, not considering yours?

Poetry, Dance, Painting.


-How do you motivate yourself during the quarantine?

I carried on with my usual activities and tried to use the time on quarantine as the opportunity to write music, finish the ongoing projects and release a new song. I spent more time with the family and practiced guitar.


Alina Oshchepkova Dmitri Nakostenko  

Professional Ballrom Dancers

European & World Finalists

Type of Arts: Ballroom Dance (Latina & Stadard) 

Country: Moscow, Russia

Awards: European and World 10 dance finalists, 3d place Professional RS International Championships Ballroom 

, 2nd place Professional RS UK Open Championship Ballroom, Top 9 Professional RS Blackpool Dance Festival Ballroom, Top 37 Professional Open Blackpool Dance Festival 2019(Ballroom), Winners of RS Professional Ballroom Blackpool Dance Festival China 2019, Finalists of Professional Open Ballroom Blackpool Dance Festival China 2019, 3d place Singapore Open Championship, Winners and medalists of many competitions in Asia.

Projects & Activity: Teachers 

Interview with Alina Oshchepkova & Dmitri Nakostenko 

made by #SupportTheArts

-Why do you love  Arts?

Because that’s our life and we can’t imagine it without Art!


-What type of Arts do you like the most?

Besides dance art, we just love music in all its manifestations! Of course ballet, art, and art of creating something new!


-How do you motivate yourself during quarantine?

We have been motivating ourselves in Singapore while we’ve been stuck over there for two months because there were no flights back to Moscow. So beautiful nature, sea, and fresh air was our inspiration this time and of course sport activities during this time helped us to stay fit and healthy.


Tadeusz Mochalski

Classical Guitar 

Type of Arts: Musician, Classical Guitar.

Country: Poland/ Italy

Education: Academy of Music in Warsaw, Musikhochdmschule in Wien.

Projects & Activity: Great Theatre Orchestra in Warsaw, collaboration with many musicians and singers, solo album.

Interview with Tadeusz Mochalski

made by #SupportTheArts

 -Why do you like Arts?

I like arts because are the languages of the human soul. The arts express every kind of feeling, Bring happiness and are will take to another space.

-What types of Arts do you like if not considering Music?
Besides music, I like painting, cinema, drama, poetry 

How do you motivate yourself during the quarantine?
During the pandemic period, I work a lot of new programmes.I'm preparing new pieces. And I take care of myself and my family. I'm always motivated to keep playing.


Mathias Dingman 

Classical Ballet 

Type of Arts: Ballet Dance

Country: South Carolina, USA

Education: Kirov Academy of Ballet (Washington DC), William Starrett at Columbia City Ballet,BSc Honours Degree in Natural Sciences (Biology) from the Open University.

Awards: Gold medal, Varna International Ballet Competition, 2006; Gold medal, Youth American Grand Prix, 2006; Gold medal, Korea International Ballet Competition (2005) , 1st place in Vienna (2004), Korea (2005), Youth America Grand Prix (2006) and the gold medal in the prestigious Varna International Ballet Competition (2006).

Projects & Activity: Principal Dancer at Birmingham Royal Ballet (danced leading roles in ballets from various choreographers including Sir Peter Wright, Sir Kenneth MacMillan, John Cranko, George Balanchine, Sir Fredric Ashton,etc.), invited as a guest dancer at Nutcracker Prince in Wayne Eagling “Nutcracker” with the English National Ballet (2014), the lead male in Fredrick Ashton’s “Rhapsody” with Sarasota Ballet (2018) and danced in the annual NHK gala with Star Dancers Ballet in Tokyo, Japan (2018).

Interview with Mathias Dingman

made by #SupportTheArts

-Why do you love the arts?

“The Arts” are the cornerstone to society. Its what defines a region, city, state, country, culture and without it there is no difference between people besides language. That is why I love the arts because it defines “us”. 


-What type of Arts do you like the most?

My passion is dance. I am a classical ballet dancer however I support and enjoy all types of dance. Dance simply makes you and the others around you feel special. Through it all you can experience any emotion!


-How do you motivate yourself during quarantine?

Motivation has been very hard to come by during this difficult time. However as since ballet is such a physical form of art I have been keeping myself as fit as possible. Hopefully this will help me bounce back as quickly as possible for when we are allowed to dance again. 



Exceptional Pianist & Composer

Type of Arts: Musician, Pianist, Composer 

Country: UK

Projects & Activity: composition of  3 songs for Sergey Lazarev's album ‘Electric Touch’ (Certified Gold), toured biggest artists in the music industry: Leona Lewis, Tinie Tempah Boy George, the composition of the song ‘Instantly’ which featured on the Hollywood movie ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’, release of the album Xiro, collabaration with The Infinity Orchestra.

Interview with Okiem 

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-Why do you love the Arts?

I love the passion that comes from the artists. The attention to detail and work and the effort and the skill it takes to create true works of art; art that goes on to affect people and our world in a positive way. Art has a way of bringing out emotions in people that I don't think anything else can.


-What type of Arts do you like the most?

As a musician, for me musical art is my favourite art form. I get to see directly the impact it has on people and thankfully with social media I get messages from people directly about how my music is having a profound effect on them and that they appreciate it.


-How do you motivate yourself during quarantine? 

These are my main sources of inspiration in general and especially through quarantine:

  • I put up inspirational artwork around my studio

  • I go for a walk in the park every morning

  • Listening to music - I love curating playlists

  • Watching live concerts online

  • Conversations with other creatives - especially about creating new concert experiences

  • Working out! It gives me the physical energy I need to then be creative and take all the music from idea to finished pieces


 photo by Ville Juurikkala

Hanna Karttunen

Most Elegant World Famous Dancer 

Type of Arts: Dancing; performing, dance teacher/master, choreographer and adjudicator

Country: Finland 

Education: Doctor of Arts 

Awards: Three-time world number one ranked Latin Dancer, three-time World Champion in Exhibition Dance/Theater Arts,    Doctor of Arts Honoris Causa International American University 2019,  ‘’The Dance Teacher of the Year 2018’,  "The 2017 Presidential Award" NIC International College in Japan 2017,  "For 10 years of Beautiful Shows in Kremlin" Kremlin Cup Special Award Trophy in 2015, "Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Dance Art" The Russian DanceSport Union in 2014,  "Excellence in Kremlin Cup since 1998" Honorary Award in 2014, "Excellence in Sport and Art" Talent award by Ministry of Culture in Portugal, "Professional Excellence" World Dance Professional Latin Award by The World Dance and Dance Sport Council in 2002, "Outstanding Performance in Professional Latin" The Ballroom Dancers' Federation in 2002, "World Series Dance Champion" in 2002 ,

Projects & Activity: Choreographer for TV-program 'Strictly Come Dancing' 2004 for celebrity partner Christopher Parker; Prelude and Finale on 'Ballroom's Best' in Vail International Dance Festival, at The Gerald R. Ford Amphitheatre, Vail Colorado in 2006-2009;  NIC International College in Japan Opening Ceremony in 2016, Worked with Celine Dion 2018 on her dance for her upcoming show tour, Lecturer in World Dance Council and British Dance Council International conferences regularly, since 2000, Dance teacher and coach in Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia and USA, since 1994, Principal coach for Acrobatics for Boogie Woogie Finnish National team since 2017.

Interview with Hanna Karttunen 

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-Why do you like the Arts ?

I have spent all my life in dance and feel I haven’t even scratched the surface of its mystery yet. Dance, for me, is a way of manifesting the beauty of life in all its dimensions. Engage with movement, beauty, emotions, illusion and reality to experience the universe of your imagination! Dance is a channel to connect my private emotions and truth through movement. I invite my audience to connect to their own emotions. In dance all sense of time or place disappears. The moments in dance are magical in awareness and lead to realisation of freedom.


-What is you favorite types of Arts if not considering dancing?

I am inspired by all arts regardless of the style or defenition when I feel the truth and sincerety of the artist. There is a sense of creativity and passion that I feel deeply connected to. I also love to read about the life of different artists.


-How do you motivate yourself during quarantine ?

During the quarantine I have spend a lot of time in the nature. Just simply having the time to walk in the forest  to sense the strength and beauty of nature, different scents and colors, to feel the breeze of air on my face and to watch how the clouds form movement and shapes on the sky, has truly recharged my imagination. The time of quarantine has reminded me of the importance of  balance and harmony in life. 


For the end I would like to add my motto: ‘Dance is an eternal fire burning within’


Maxim Puryzhinski      Irina Silvanova 

Russian Piano Duo

Type of Arts: Music, Pianists

Country: Russia

Awards: International Competition "Rome - 2000" – 2nd prize (special prize for the best execution of the modern composition), International competition of chamber ensembles "Provincia di Caltanissetta" (2003) – 1st prize, XIV International Schubert competition for piano duets in Jesenik, Czech Republic (2005) – 1st prize (special jury’s prize for the best performance of Schubert), 54th “ARD-Wettbewerb” in Munich (2005) – 3rd prize (special jury’s prize for the best performance of Bartok’s Sonate for two pianos and percussions).

Activity & Projects:  Concerts in Russia USA, South Korea, Hong Kong, Columbia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Belorussia, Uzbekistan.

Contacts:  +7 903 1250067. or email

   Interview with Maxim Puryzhinski & Irina Silvanova 

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-Why do you like Arts?

We love art, because it is our life! Everything we do in our life is connected with art and artistic way of thinking. Every day we see many things around us and almost all of them are the result of somebody’s art – buildings, cars, dishes, clothes, gardens, even advertising on a billboard! And music – it is a quintessence of art. You can hardly find any emotion, which couldn’t be realized with the help of music. Music can relax you and it can motivate you to do something, it can be calm and strong, hot and cold, week and powerful.


-What type of Arts do you like, if not considering music?

This depends very much upon what we do in this moment. In galleries we think painting is the highest level of the art. When we read books we understand, that only literature can be the queen of art. In the theatre there is nothing more interesting for us, but the performance. So, depending upon what we do in the particular moment we like most of all in art.


-How do you motivate yourself during the pandemic?

It was very difficult in the beginning of this period, when all our concerts and tours were cancelled. But later we realized that we can’t lose our skill and we have to practice. Besides, we try to find possibilities to arrange concerts in the next season, this also helps us “to be in a tone”.

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Arunos Bizokas

Katusha Demidova  

10 Times World Profesional Ballroom Champions

Type of Arts: Ballroom Dance 
Country: USA
Awards:  Winners of all Major Championships around the world including most Prestigious British Open, International, and United Kingdom Open Championships, 10 times World Professional Ballroom Champions.
Projects & Activity: Organisers of Vilnius Dance Festival, North American Imperial Star Ball, Founders and members of the WDO (World Dance Organisers), Performers, Teachers, Adjudicators.

Interview with Arunos

Bizokas & Katusha Demidova 

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-Why do you like Arts?

We like Arts because it can effect us in many different ways. It can inspire, disturb, motivate, frighten, impress and so on...


-What type of Arts do you love if not considering dancing?

Music and Performing Arts.


-How do you motivate yourself during the pandemic?

Staying fit, keeping in touch with Colleagues and Friends.

Meet The Team

CEO /Creative & Communication Director 

''When I listen to the music, it helps me to calm down and feel different energy''


''Arts is an essential part of my life and I do not know how I will be able to live without it... The whole world of emotions and feelings is open for me and creativity is what I like the most when there is no limits!''

            -Angelica Elange 

 I was really interested in art since I was a child, it gives me inspirations in the life, and I really enjoy drawing.

                -Alessia Chu



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Angelica Elange 

Student of International school of Florence 

Alessia Chu 

Marketing Director 

Student of International School of Florence 

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